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Published on Thursday, 5 December 2013 in the category Hotel Paris France news headlines

New official Paris Hotel blog on our new website will keep you up to speed on all the latest news from the City of Light. The Hotel Paris France is pleased to announce that we will be publishing this regularly updated blog containing news of forthcoming events, useful tips for travellers and tourists and our recommendations regarding items worthy of your attention. What’s more we will also be periodically announcing our tempting special offers and best bargain deals available only on our official website.

New official Paris Hotel blog, our very own information bureau

Paris has often been described as a vibrant city, pulsing with life and interest and with so much going on that it’s almost impossible to keep pace with it all. That’s where we at the Hotel Paris France step in, because we intend to do our very best to keep you informed. We have our fingers on the pulse of Paris, so that you never have to miss an interesting performance, a long awaited stage show, a once in a lifetime concert, fascinating exhibition, shopping opportunity or special event. When we hear about upcoming happenings that should not be missed we’ll give you the nod in plenty of time so that you can make your plans. Also, from time to time we will tell you about lesser known yet deeply intriguing places in Paris that you’ll love to visit, as well as news about the iconic landmarks of which everyone has heard.

Built in 1910, during the renowned Belle Epoque era in 3rd arrondissement, our hotel is located in a triangle formed by the Marais, Louvre and Opera district, not far from the legendary Parisian department stores, and close to the Metro. Effectively we are at the very epicentre of the excitement that is Paris, conveniently situated so you can easily reach wherever you wish to go.

The Hotel Paris France proudly presents its new official Paris hotel blog

Of course, we will also be letting you know about our best deals and special offers to help you make the most of your stay. Allow the Hotel Paris France to welcome you to our fair city.


Hotel Paris France, a charming 2-star hotel near the Louvre

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