Paris without the Eiffel Tower would only be a shadow of itself, and every encounter with the Iron Lady is a wonder. During your stay at the Hotel Paris France you can fall in love with this magnificent monument over and over again by viewing her from different perspectives! Here is our selection of the most charming vistas.


L'Oiseau Blanc; an exceptional terrace

The very chic 16th arrondissement boasts a terrace of rare beauty; L'Oiseau Blanc. Located on the Avenue Kleber, this aviation-themed gourmet restaurant will satisfy your haute cuisine desires, while amazing you with its 360-degree terrace view. On a beautiful summer day, you can enjoy a glass of champagne while feasting your eyes on the Parisian panorama all around! Amidst the iconic grey and blue Paris rooftops stands the superb Eiffel Tower.


Parvis de Montmartre; a view that you earn

Undoubtedly the most sublime panorama the capital has to offer, the sight of the Eiffel Tower from the forecourt of the Sacré Coeur Basilica is not to be missed. From here you can see the capital in all its splendour and admire the buildings, monuments, landmarks and, of course, the Eiffel Tower. Whether you approach it frontally, via the three hundred steps, or from the other side, by gradually ascending the rising streets, the view will certainly be well-earned!


Your favourite place to stay in the centre of Paris 

The Hotel Paris France has all the advantages you dream of for your Parisian stay. It’s located in the centre of Paris, in the historic and fashionable Marais district. Its spacious rooms are a perfect reflection of the Parisian spirit, in which elegance combines with comfort. What is more, the superior standard of service will delight you throughout your break in the capital.