What better place is there than the water's edge for lunch, dinner or just having a drink? Various bars and restaurants have popped up on the banks of the Seine to provide the perfect setting for a relaxing break or gourmet meal. The Hotel Paris France offers some suggestions of pleasant establishments along the Seine you might like to visit.


Faust; dinner beneath the bridge

Located in a former naval warehouse of the Garde Royale under the Pont Alexandre III, the Faust brasserie welcomes you amidst a Belle-Epoque decor.


A gourmet menu at the Flow

Go with the Flow, a barge restaurant moored at the Port des Invalides. Its gourmet menu prepared by talented chefs seduces the most jaded palates.


The cuisine of the sea at Maquereaux

The Quai de l'Hôtel de Ville is where you’ll find Les Maquereaux. Here you can enjoy a seafood meal on the water or sip a house cocktail in a shady setting by the Seine.


Minimalist and micro-house at Radio Pirate

If you like techno, electro, minimal or micro-house, head to Radio Pirate, a floating club set up on the Seine.


A flavour of Brittany at La Mer à Boire

A few steps from the Docks, you can find La Mer à Boire, the Breton-flavoured floating club and eatery. The very seaside vibe of this Seine-side terrace immediately immerses you in a summer ambiance. This is the perfect place to enjoy Quiberon salmon and a Saint-Malo style rum baba with oysters... from Brittany, of course!


The fine cocktails of Mademoiselle Mouche

Mademoiselle Mouche, the new rooftop terrace of the cruise boat company of the same name, welcomes you to a verdant setting commanding a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. Come and enjoy pleasant moments of relaxation on this summer rooftop which this year has adopted a Roaring Twenties theme.



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