Christmas holidays in Paris are an explosion of decorations, enchanting shop windows and dreams of original gift ideas for all. You’ll also discover the most tempting bûches de Noël you’ve ever seen. Yes, Paris offers an array of fabulous Yule logs guaranteed to make dessert the lip-smacking grand climax of any Christmas meal. Wait until you see what the capital’s renowned pastry chefs create by way of amazing desserts for this most festive of occasions. Come to Paris, stay at the Hotel Paris France and treat yourself to some amazing flavours.

Mr Christmas, the original Christmas cake by Christophe Michalak

The celebrated pâtissier has again demonstrated his immense flair for imaginative creativity, offering for Christmas 2015, not a traditional Yule log, admittedly, but rather a Mr Christmas in the tradition of his previous achievements. This round cake is really a nod to Santa’s rotund figure. Dressed in red with a white beard of marshmallow, it is a subtle chocolate fondant dessert that impresses with its finesse. Flavours explode in the mouth, including milk chocolate combined with a fragrant blackberry tea flavoured biscuit. Cocoa beans and sea salt bring a subtle touch. Even if you can resist chocolate, this creation will have you melting with pleasure. The presence of this festive cake will bring to your Christmas table an essential twist to delight your guests.

Gontran Cherrier's creations for Christmas 2015

This master chef and baker has decided to give his customers a choice by creating two Yule logs guaranteed to satisfy all lovers of delicious sweetness. This presents the problem, however, of which to choose! The first of these he has named the Bûche Passion, and it’s a hymn to lightness and freshness. Consisting of a shortcrust pastry base, almond cream and exotic mousse and a fruit compote with mango / apricot and diced fresh mango, it’s exquisitely fruity. The second Cherrier creation is his Bûche façon profiteroles, another masterpiece confirming the exceptional talent of this amazing baker. On a chocolate shortbread base is piled chocolate fondant and delicate vanilla and mascarpone profiteroles, all drizzled with a hot chocolate sauce topping. This is one chef whose Christmas creativity seems to know no bounds, to the delight of all.

An original Yule log by Noura

This is an invitation to travel, an invitation to discover refined and delicious oriental flavours. Noura is a restauratrice specialising in Lebanese cuisine. This year she’s designed a sumptuous Yule log guaranteed to conclude any Christmas dinner in fine style. The first surprise is an aesthetic one as this frozen dessert, pure white, is clad in a velvety dress of white chocolate that is simply a dream. The flavours brought out in this taste masterpiece are very fine: biscuit with dried fruit, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts and pistachios are accompanied by an orange sorbet flower with a heart of rose and pistachio ice creams.


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