Christmas in Paris 2013 will continue a tradition stretching back hundreds of years; the Parisian love of the festive season. As the days grow shorter the City of Light springs to life to roll back the gloom of Winter and stages an enchanted show of light and good cheer to share with family and friends. Illuminations, Christmas markets, ice rinks, tranquil churches and shops aglow with charming displays. Situated within a triangle formed by the Marais, the Louvre and the magnificently decorated department stores of the Opera, the Hotel Paris France invites you and yours to join us for this magical time.

Christmas in Paris 2013, a heady experience Yule love

The Parisian Christmas season is a gleefully bewildering kaleidoscope of sights, sounds, tastes and experiences. The 150,000 Christmas lights which adorn the Champs Elysees. A Christmas dinner cruise on the Seine. The seasonal patinoire skating rink in front of the Hotel de Ville, the city hall of Paris. Festive markets where handicrafts and mouthwatering foods are sold from gaily bedecked little wooden chalets and you can sip a hot vin chaud with spices as you peruse the goods on offer. Chestnuts, champagne, foie gras, truffles, fresh Brittany oysters and the decadently sumptuous creation called the buche de Noel, the traditional Yule log cake of France.

Take a night time ride on the Paris Big Wheel and gaze out upon the Winter wonderland spread like an array of brightly coloured jewels before you. Enjoy a spin on one of the many free merry go rounds which can be found all over the city. Listen in hushed awe and wonder to a carol concert in one of the city’s many superb churches such as Notre Dame. Go shopping for special gifts for your loved ones and perhaps an extra special treat or two for yourself.

Christmas in Paris can be spent at the Hotel Paris France

We would love to welcome you and your family or friends as our guests at the Hotel Paris France for the Christmas period. We can advise you on the places to go and the marvellous things to be seen.


Hotel Paris France, a charming 2-star hotel near the Louvre

Picture copyright holder : Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Amélie Dupont