From November 30th to December 11th, 2015, Paris will be hosting COP21, the 21st UN Conference on Climate Change, a summit of tremendous importance that may decide the ecological future of our planet. As you will recall, the Framework Convention on Climate Change is an environmental treaty that was adopted at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio.

The challenges of COP21 in 2015

For the 2015 edition of this Conference of Parties (COP), the stakes are high, as climate change is threatening our planet, and it is essential that the countries of the world reach a consensus on how to deal with the problem. The aim of the conference is to find a means of keeping global warming below 2° C. France has a key and decisive role in this process; to facilitate agreements between countries and achieve the cohesion of all parties within the European Union.

Laurent Fabius, President of COP21

Concerning COP21, Laurent Fabius, the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Development, said that the issue is crucial because we are the first generation to become aware of our responsibilities regarding the world’s climate. However, we are also the last that can take effective measures to restore the ecological balance. The minister also stressed that if we do not act now, the threat of climate change will result in disasters in many parts of the globe. As president of COP21, the role of Laurent Fabius is essential in assisting all participating nations to reach a satisfactory and legally binding agreement. The minister concluded that, with COP21, France is committed to serving an ecologically sustainable future.

The message from Ségolène Royal

According to Ségolène Royal, the French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, the responsibility of France is fully engaged. The country must set an example in driving profound change and leading the way to a consensual and lasting universal agreement. During the COP21 conference, each country will be accountable for its policy of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The Minister also pointed out that France recently passed a bill on Energy Transition for Green Growth. As Ségolène Royal rightly says, it’s important to engage citizens and businesses if this global ecology summit is to succeed. Faced with the dramatic findings concerning climatic disruption, France is offering efficient solutions intended to contribute to worldwide well-being and the future of our planet.

To conclude, let’s open the floor to the environmental campaigner Nicolas Hulot, who reassures us that there is hope because the technological means are now available for us to combat climate change and that, if they have the will to do so, every citizen can contribute to change and restore the health of our ecosystems.


Practical information:
Exhibitions halls Le Bourget - tel:
RER: Line B (towards Aéroport Charles de Gaulle – Mitry Claye), station Le Bourget
Exceptionally for the duration of COP21, all trains will mark a stop in Bourget station. Hence a special shuttle bus will take you to the site of the COP 21
Metro: Line 7, station Fort d’Aubervilliers. Hence a special shuttle bus will take you to the site of the COP 21
Bus : n°152, starting station of line 7 of the metro porte de la Villette - station parc des expositions du Bourget
or n°350 from the station gare de l’Est (east railway station) or gare du Nord (north railway station) or station porte de la Chapelle (line 12 of metro) - station parc des expositions du Bourget

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