Located at 111 Boulevard Beaumarchais is a place that fans of trends, design and fashion all over the world know about. This elegant 19th century building has been home for more than ten years to the more than 1,500 m² of a one-of-a-kind concept store called Merci. And it’s less than a fifteen-minute walk from the Paris France Hotel.


A visit full of surprises

This concept store on the Boulevard Beaumarchais does not invite you to a classic shopping experience but to a true exploration. From the interior courtyard of the building where the unmissable red Fiat 500 is located, to the three floors with their high ceilings, by way of the used book and café areas, Merci is a large store with multiple corners that you can explore with a curious mind and open eyes. In fact, it’s more than a store, it’s a lifestyle emporium. 


Your shopping spree at Merci

Bed linen, crockery, furniture, fashion, and much more… Here, each object has a story and is carefully selected. These items are also trend markers, with their designs firmly rooted in our era and its challenges. Moreover, Merci goes further and shows its caring and responsible side by getting involved with several foundations that work, for example, in Madagascar to build schools, but also in France to support permaculture and the development of short supply chains. So, to be at the forefront of trends and help to do a good deed, there is a very important address you need to visit… The Merci concept store.


At the crossroads of philanthropy, reflection on our lifestyles and design, the Merci concept store invites you on an almost initiatory journey through its various spaces. It will also be perfect for finding stylish and trendy Christmas gift ideas during your stay at the Paris France Hotel.


More informations about the Merci concept store here

Photo: Merci

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