Majestically dominating the Place de la Bastille, the July Column is an outstanding landmark of the Parisian landscape. However, its history is perhaps not as known as its appearance. During your stay at the Paris France Hotel, take advantage of the reopening of this monument to the public to discover the history of the 19th century and the revolutions that made it such a turbulent time. An exciting and moving experience.


A dive into history

The Place de la Bastille maintains the memory of July 14th, 1789, the date of the founding event of the French Revolution. From 1792, it became a place of commemoration and public assembly, a role it still fulfils today. This superb square was, therefore, the obvious site to host, beginning in the 1830s, a monument commemorating the revolutionary days of July 1830. It also played its role during the Revolution of 1848 and the Paris Commune in 1871. Today, the monument’s Génie de la Liberté sculpture continues to dominate the capital and reflect the city's attachment to freedom.


A moving and fascinating visit

Its interior long inaccessible to the public, the July Column reopens to everyone from October 23rd, 2023. You will then be able to see the architecture of the monument up close, including its massive base and column inspired by that of Trajan in Rome. You will discover the meaning of the numerous symbols which adorn the monument, and which represent, among other subjects, France, the Republic and the City of Paris. Finally, the visit will take you to the crypt housing the remains of the revolutionaries of 1830 and 1848. A wonderful opportunity to understand the scope of these events.


It's just about ten minutes by public transport from the Paris France Hotel, so why not take the time to discover the July Column from the inside with a guided tour?


Photo : beatrix kido

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