The Eiffel Tower is one of the most famous monuments in the world, and the capital's first lady is an excellent choice for a day out.  Discover the new first floor or enjoy a glamorous and romantic moment with a glass of champagne as you take in the magnificent view over Paris from the top. Hotel Paris France is ideally located close to three Metro stops, allowing you to reach the Eiffel Tower easily during your next stay.

The Eiffel Tower, a world class monument

The Eiffel Tower was erected as the entrance for the 1889 World Fair and has been the tallest structure in Paris ever since. This French landmark is so admired that it has been copied many times, and some of the most famous replicas include Blackpool Tower in the UK, and full size copies such as the Long Ta tower in China and the Tokyo Tower in Japan.

Today, it is one of the most popular places in Paris, and its recently opened new first floor has added an exciting extra dimension that is proving an enormous hit with locals and visitors. One of the first things you'll notice about the new first floor is in fact its floor. Made from specially created toughened glass that becomes more transparent towards the centre, it allows you to enjoy a thrilling bird's eye view from 57m above Champ de Mars.

Spectacular views and much more from the Eiffel Tower

It isn't only the exceptional views over Paris that brings visitors to the Eiffel Tower, and its new first floor is filled with exciting features that will appeal to all ages. The first floor boasts two new glass pavilions meaning that disabled visitors can also enjoy a fabulous view that is unimpeded by barriers, while four impressive solar panels supply energy and make for an environmentally sound renovation.

The whole family will enjoy learning more about the Eiffel Tower. Visit the immersive show in the Ferrie Pavilion where 7 projectors display a series of overlapping images of the tower on to 3 walls, or follow an interactive exhibit comprised of photographs, papers, artefacts and objects along the outer wall of the first floor. The first floor also has a restaurant and shop so you can stop for a coffee or pick up souvenirs as a reminder of a special day. 

The most romantic place in Paris

The top of the Eiffel Tower is one of the city's most romantic spots and is a firm favourite with couples. Toast each other with a glass of chilled champagne from the bar for a glamorous and intimate moment as you take in the most spectacular view in Paris. For a truly special evening, why not book a romantic meal for two at the 58 Tour Eiffel restaurant, before returning to the inviting ambience of Hotel Paris France?


Monument Tour eiffel :
08 92 70 12 39
Champ de Mars, 5 Avenue Anatole France - 75007 Paris
Subway : Line n°6, station « Bir-Hakeim  or Line n°9, station « Trocadéro »

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View from above - Picture copyright holder : Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand