How about trying something completely different during your next visit to Paris? Less than 15 minutes from the Hotel Paris France you can find the Musée du Parfum and enjoy a fascinating journey through the world of fragrances.


An exquisitely aromatic discovery

Located on the premises of the famous Maison Fragonard, this museum dedicated to perfume and its history will allow you to discover how perfume is made. From the collection of ingredients through to the sale of the product, everything is explained from both a technical and an historical standpoint. An olfactory experience like no other.


A journey through the centuries

During its long existence, the Maison Fragonard has accumulated historical objects, period furnishings and exhibits alongside rare artefacts from Asia, Egypt and other parts of the world. The guided tour will introduce you to the treasures of the world of perfumes and their long history. It delves into the centuries and brings back a distant past of intriguing scents and exotic modes of storage. The exhibits are part of the collection of Jean-François Costa, the father of the current custodians of the famous Fragonard brand. These exceptional pieces trace the history and uses of perfume throughout the centuries.


An innovative concept

The Musée du Parfum occupies two storeys of an elegant building that houses the Parfumerie Fragonard and offers the perfect way to better understand the complexity of the perfumer's craft. Guided tours are free, and you don’t need to make a reservation. After visiting the museum, exit through the Fragonard shop, where you can purchase the company’s perfumes and various body care products. The building itself boasts an exceptional history. Initially a theatre created in the 19th century in the oriental style of architecture fashionable at the time, it later became a velodrome in which the cream of Parisian society could demonstrate their bicycle-riding prowess. This means of transport was highly popular at that time and such places flourished everywhere. Following the Haussmann-era reconfiguration of Paris, the building then became the property of Maple & Co., a British furniture retailer, before the Maison Fragonard took up residence in 2014.


Activities for the whole family

To extend your museum experience, you’ll want to participate in a perfumer's workshop. Here you can learn to combine scents to create your own fragrance. A fun experience alongside an authentic master perfumer. This will leave you with great memories, especially as you’ll be returning to the hotel with your very own scent creation.

The museum also offers thematic activities, so please don’t hesitate to contact our staff before your stay to find out what’s coming up and make a reservation.


Practical information

The Perfume Museum is located in the Square Louis Jouvet, near the Opéra Garnier.
- Free visits Monday to Saturday from 9:00 to 18:00
- Reservation required for groups of more than 8 people
- Entry fee for the perfumer's workshop: € 95


Photo: Collection des 25 Matieres premieres_Harvey & John (c) Iräne de Rosen (3) / Concept Store GMDP (c) Iräne de Rosen (3)