An unmissable festive season event showcasing fairground arts and performers, the Festival du Merveilleux celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. Taking place in the old cellars of the Bercy district that house the Museum of Fairground Arts, this festival offers an enchanting show of the kind you are unlikely to find anywhere else. From December 26th to January 5th, come and immerse yourself in a magical world.


Step inside a dreamlike world and witness wonders

During the festival period, skilled practitioners of a whole host of performance arts, including storytellers, mimes, magicians and other circus and fairground disciplines will entertain you in an enchanting place that hosts an amazing collection of funfair rides and other artefacts. Jugglers, tightrope walkers, puppeteers, aerial dancers, musicians and other performers will transport you into a world where dreams and illusions are born of technological, digital, visual and auditory mastery. The Festival du Merveilleux is an opportunity to take a trip back in time to experience the magic of yesteryear.


12 days of shows for young and old at the Museum of Fairground Arts

Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy a festival of fun and wonder when you visit the Musée des Arts Forains (Museum of Fairground Arts), a place out of time. This museum is a playground for all ages and a shrine to the funfair art and culture of the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries, the golden age of this form of entertainment. You’ll find classic rides, games, stalls, attractions and automata. Various shows are presented that you will remember for a long time, including Venise la Sérénissime, which takes you on an extraordinary adventure...

Don’t miss this unusual and fascinating experience during your winter break at the Paris France Hotel. Remember that you only have a small window of opportunity as the Festival du Merveilleux runs from December 26th to January 5th only!



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Crédit photo : Tableau Place de la Concorde en automobile en 1900 Festival du merveilleux au Musée des Arts Forains © Nathalie Baetens


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