Whether you’re looking for wine bars or wine merchants, the neighbourhood of the Paris France Hotel has plenty of convivial and original options. Whether you want to learn the art of tasting or simply while away a pleasant evening, here are the places that our team recommends.


Great wines

First of all, there’s Franck Thomas. A Meilleur Sommelier d’Europe, Meilleur Sommelier de France and Meilleur Ouvrier de France, Franck Thomas is a recognised professional. In his Ateliers du Vin, you can rediscover the simple pleasures of sharing and authenticity. A wine bar and wine cellar, the place also offers tasting and training workshops. In the same spirit, Divvino Marais offers fabulous wines to buy or taste on the spot, accompanied by gourmet dishes. You can sign up for an oenology evening or a tasting workshop. Divvino explores all the French vineyards, including many lesser-known ones, and offers some fine international options.


To savour the pleasures of wine

Let's continue with two interesting addresses. The first, BiBoVino, is located in the Marché des Enfants Rouges, the oldest market in Paris, and entirely dedicated to high-end wines presented in Bag-in-Box, or BiB. In keeping with its practical and uninhibited modernity, the approach of this boxed wine specialist is to select high-quality wines that are as close as possible to the natural. Simplicity and pleasure are integral to the tasting! Finally, head to Monbleu le Comptoir, a cosy wine and cheese cellar. There, in a convivial atmosphere, you can put together a perfect blend of cheeses, blue cheeses, hard cheeses, soft cheeses, and wine. The selection focuses on organic, natural or biodynamic wines.


There’s many ways to appreciate and taste wine. Whether you prefer classic, sophisticated, modern or natural, you can choose the decor and ambiance you prefer just a few steps from the Paris France Hotel.


Franck Thomas
Divvino Marais
Monbleu le Comptoir

Photo: Olga

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