As temperatures drop, we feel the urge to get some hot food inside us. And as we do we can enjoy some richly convivial moments around the table. At such times, the raclette reigns supreme! During your winter break the Hotel Paris France invites you to discover three of the best raclettes to be found in the capital.


Savoy in the spotlight at Chalet Savoyard

Nestled in the heart of the 11th arrondissement of the capital, in the bustling Rue de Charonne, the Chalet Savoyard continues the tradition of excellent restaurants in Paris. Outside, the white cross on a red background is a hint regarding the Swiss origins of this particular treat; you are in Savoyard country. As soon as you enter the place, the mountain atmosphere, warm and woody, embraces you. The scents of melting cheese do the rest and your mouth waters to taste an authentic raclette made from carefully selected regional produce. Relish the pleasure of Savoyard Tomme fondue and mountain ham on your plate. It’s the guarantee of a warm and friendly moment to share around one of the favourite dishes of the French. This place definitely has some of the best raclettes in Paris.


Les Fondus de la Raclette, a mountain chalet in Paris

Our quest for the perfect raclette continues in this restaurant in the delightful Vavin district, not far from the Hotel Paris France. Here you’ll find a mountain chalet decor that is typically 70s. Suffice to say that the appropriate ambience is guaranteed even before you have ordered. Everything is done here so that you can feel as though you’re in the mountains. Only the absence of snow outside prevents you totally forgetting for a moment the city around you. These a la carte traditional Savoyard dishes are hearty and delicious. Everything is cooked on site, with nothing frozen, for optimal quality. The raclette is very much in the spotlight thanks to an ingenious system of heated grids incorporated in the tables, on which you can watch the cheese melt. A delight!


The Marivaux for a Parisian raclette

Not far from the Opera Garnier, on the famous Parisian boulevards where there is so much to enjoy, you’ll find the Marivaux, a charming and typical Parisian bistro that offers a sublime raclette. After a stint of Christmas shopping in the department stores or before a magical winter evening at the Opera, there’s nothing better than to warm up with this Savoyard specialty in Paris. The Marivaux offers a touch of the atmosphere of Paris by Night, with its lighting and red leather banquettes creating the most beautiful effect. Comfortably installed, you’ll be seduced by the warmth of the service and the quality of the dishes. And while winter cools the boulevard, the Marivaux raclette will warm your insides in the kind of moment of joy and conviviality that Paris conjures up so well!