The enfant terrible of fashion, Jean-Paul Gautier, has created and presents a unique and eccentric show at the Folies Bergères in Paris. Unclassifiable, colourful and truly original, this crazy show mixes styles and genres to achieve a hypnotic work that is totally refreshing. Do not miss this offbeat, conceptually stunning and beautiful show.


An awesome digest of 50 years of pop culture

The leading fashion designer Jean-Paul Gautier knows pop culture well. It has been his source of inspiration and his work is also fully part of it. The Fashion Freak Show features a non-chronological history of pop and fashion, with captivating characters and, of course, costumes as gorgeous as they are striking. The aim of this daring creator? To tell the story of his own life in a unique and funny way, while addressing social issues such as cosmetic surgery and social networks and their excesses. Grab your tickets quickly for a night that’s sure to be superb, astonishing, fantastic, in short; magical.


A magnificent and boldly avant-garde world

The costumes at the Fashion Freak Show are breathtakingly daring and creative; they are sometimes beautiful, repulsive, monstrous, or even disturbing. Jean-Paul Gautier has drawn on his history and his memories to give birth to amazing and moving scenarios that will not fail to move you.


Folies Bergeres; welcome to a legend

Over a hundred years of history have passed through this music hall that is among the most famous in the world, the Folies Bergeres. A symbol of French celebration, fun and decadence, the Folies Bergeres has been visited by many celebrities since 1870. Maupassant, Colette and Manet, among others, have each succumbed to its charms...



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