Marais Paris hotels are situated in one of the capital’s most fascinating districts, where in the past splendour arose from a swamp! The light-hearted, quirky Marais district, with its winding lanes and cobblestones, offers more buildings and streets dating from the days of medieval Paris than you will find anywhere else in the city. It offers places of great cultural, historical and artistic interest, along with art galleries, trendy shops, great restaurants and cutting edge fashion houses. Staying at the Hotel Paris France you will be well placed to discover the delights of the Marais.

Marais Paris hotels in an enchanting part of the city

Marais literally means ‘marsh’, and that was what this area once was; a swamp on the outskirts of the medieval city. It was shunned as uninhabitable until the Knights Templar built their fortified church there in 1240, establishing a precedent for other religious institutions to be sited in the vicinity. The Marais became a royal retreat when Charles I of Anjou built his residence there, followed by the French king, Charles V in the following century. Once given the royal seal of approval the area developed and prospered as a fashionable quarter for the French nobility.

Even prior to the French Revolution, however, the aristocracy had begun to move away, and the Marais became a centre of the Jewish community who came to work in the clothing industry. Nonetheless, the area went into a decline which was only halted in the early 60s when it was decided that the historical buildings of the Marais were well worth preserving.

Today the great townhouses of the nobility have been fully restored and turned into museums, and the area is thriving and fashionable once again. Here can be found the Picasso, Cognacq Jay and Paris Historical Museums among others, and a completely unique ambience.

The Hotel Paris France is prominent among the Marais Paris hotels

Our Belle Epoque era building embodies the charm and appeal of the Marais. At the Hotel Paris France you will be well situated to explore the district, and we would be delighted to help you to plan your itinerary.   

Hotel Paris France, a charming 2-star hotel near the Louvre

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