Paris hotel near CNAM, the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts required? Then look no further than a five minute walk away, where you can find the Paris France Hotel, providing a warm and welcoming setting for both professionals and visitors. This great institution is both an establishment of higher education dedicated to science and industry and a museum focussing on the scientific and technical heritage of France.

Paris hotel near CNAM, one of the world’s great places of learning

CNAM owes its origins to a time of turmoil. Forged in the flames of the French Revolution, it was founded by the visionary churchman Abbe Henri Gregoire, one of the revolutionary leaders, in 1794. He saw it as both a repository for the artifacts and papers pertaining to arts and trades, and also as a means by which the workers of Paris and beyond might be trained in the emerging technologies of the Industrial Revolution. The deserted Priory of Saint-Martin-des-Champs was commandeered for the purpose, and most of this beautiful medieval building still remains in wonderful condition today.

Today CNAM houses two schools, Industrial Sciences and Information Technology, and Management And Social Sciences Applied To Firms, each having seven departments. The CNAM motto is ‘We teach everyone everywhere’, and they offer further education for anyone at any point in their career. Additionally, some 350 public events are organised each year.

The museum department of CNAM boasts around 6,000 square metres of public exhibition space covering seven themes; scientific instruments, materials, construction, communication, transport, energy and mechanics. The astounding collection numbers over 15,000 technical drawings and 80,000 artefacts. It is a fine heritage set in a magnificent building; something of which Paris can be justly proud.

The Hotel Paris France is a superb Paris hotel near CNAM

The Hotel Paris France also embodies a fine tradition, that of the Belle Epoque from which our building dates. Whether you are visiting CNAM in a professional capacity or just wish to see the superb collection housed there, we can offer you a comfortable and convenient stay.


Hotel Paris France, a charming 2-star hotel near the Louvre

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