In the heart of Paris, in the trendy and historic district of the Marais, is the Hotel Paris France, a benchmark establishment. If you’re a vegan or wish to try the vegan lifestyle, we can suggest a selection of excellent places to find vegan food in close proximity to the hotel. Enjoy exploring, and bon appétit!


Vegan delights for all tastes in the Marais

Finding really good vegan restaurants and takeaways that are affordable, tasty and trendy is not always easy. Fortunately, the centre of Paris is full of small and charming eateries that will delight committed vegans and curious flexivores alike. The Brasserie 2ème Art, in the Opera district, about a fifteen-minute walk from the hotel, offers a gourmet menu in the pure ‘brasserie’ tradition, with burgers, salads, pancakes and brunch. Those with a sweet tooth rush to Cloud Cakes, in the 2nd arrondissement, for small treats as delicious as they are ethical and cruelty-free. For snacks on the go and shopping on the side, head to the very first vegan concept store, Aujourd'hui Demain, in the 11th arrondissement. Finally, Jah Jah by le Tricycle, located in the 10th arrondissement, is great for healthy and generous food.


The Hotel Paris France, an intimate hotel

Forsake impersonal hotel chains and rediscover the charm of a high-end and friendly service, a welcoming atmosphere and a hotel so alive that you’ll feel at home right away. The Hotel Paris France enjoys a dream location right in the heart of the capital, where the city pulses with energy and excitement. Nestled in a building rich in character, our hotel meets the highest criteria of Parisian chic but is ideal for those on a limited budget who still wish to enjoy Paris to the full. Book today on our official website!