Metro, bus, RER, Transilien... Parisian public transport is plentiful and varied, offering a multitude of possibilities. In fact, you are so spoiled for choice that it can be difficult knowing what to do for the best. What are the different solutions for moving around Paris? Read on and all will be revealed!


Metro, bus, tram; practical modes of travel

Convenient and fast, the Paris Metro is the ideal mode of travel for moving about the capital freely and quickly. The network of lines is extensive, servicing even the smallest districts of Paris and making it easy, fast and convenient to visit all the attractions of the City of Light. Trains are scheduled to run every one to four minutes during the day.

The bus lines run by RATP are also at your disposal. These serve Paris and the suburbs. In addition, the capital has ten tram services in the urban area and four others throughout the greater Ile-de-France region.

Another interesting means of transport, especially if you want to head out of the city, is the Transilien, or suburban train. A network of eight lines serves the Île-de-France region.


Travel at will and in complete freedom

A ticket+, the standard single trip ticket for Paris public transit, allows you to travel via the Metro, some bus lines, the RER in zone 1, trams and the Montmartre funicular.

To visit Paris and move freely throughout the Ile-de-France, we advise you to opt for the daily ‘Paris Visite’ travel pass. Depending on the areas chosen, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited travel on the Metro, RER lines, Ile-de-France buses and the Montmartre funicular for several days at a time.

During your stay at the hotel we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable public transport options available to you.



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