Pompidou Museum in Paris is one of the capital’s most popular attractions. Properly called The National Centre For Art And Culture Georges-Pompidou, this striking building contains a museum of modern art, a public library, a music and acoustics research institute, education areas, bookshops, a restaurant and café. Around thirty public exhibitions are held each year, and the core, permanent collections are quite simply superb. Events held regularly include film screenings, concerts, symposia and conferences. A pleasant fifteen minute stroll will take you from the Hotel Paris France to this fascinating Paris landmark.

Pompidou Museum in Paris, a noble idea

The president of France from 1969 to 1974, Georges Pompidou, conceived the noble and grand aim of making culture accessible to all. He initiated a plan to create a polycultural institution right in the heart of Paris, where art, music, literature, cinema and theatre could be brought together in a modern setting.

Begun in 1971 and completed six years later, the design of the building, although well-loved now, provoked a certain measure of controversy at the time. The exo-skeleton style structure designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Rogers gave the impression of a building turned inside out, with colour coded conduits, elevators and other functional elements prominent on the outside. It was bold, daring, brilliant and an outstanding success, attracting around six million visitors each year.

The Georges-Pompidou Museum has some of the most important collections of art and related materials in the world housed in its six storeys and 80,000 square feet. A permanent collection of around 60,000 pieces is rotated on a six monthly cycle and includes work by Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky and Chagall. If you intend to visit it is well worth allowing at least three hours just to view the permanent displays.

Hotel Paris France recommends the Pompidou Museum in Paris

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