The sunny days are finally with us again and with them the opening of the ice cream season! Young and old, casual and connoisseur, we all enjoy a refreshing and tasty ice cream when the summer sun beats down. But why not try some new flavour experiences this year? Here are our recommendations for the most brilliant and original ice cream makers in Paris. They await your discovery during your stay at the Hotel Paris France.


Bespoke sorbets at the Bac à Glaces

How about combining your two summer passions, aperitifs and ice cream? A delightful shop in the chic 7th arrondissement makes it possible! At the Bac à Glaces you can enjoy cocktail ice creams, like the kirsch eau de vie flavour.


Flavours of the world at La Tropicale

How do sorbets with ginger, Espelette pepper or Sakura cherry blossom sound to you? If you like the idea, head to the glacier called La Tropicale. If you’re tired of the classics such as vanilla or strawberry, here you’ll find an exotic touch, with tantalising and novel ingredients such as saffron and yuzu.


Ice cream made with liquid nitrogen at Nitrogénie

Nitrogénie is a glacier that makes magic. Choose a flavour to be mixed with cream. This will be transformed into ice cream before your eyes using liquid nitrogen. Prepare to be amazed and delighted and have your phone ready to capture the whole process.


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