From July 19th to August 19th both Parisians and visitors alike will be able to enjoy the unique experience of beaches in the centre of Paris. The Paris Plages are temporary urban beaches built up with actual sand shipped into the heart of the capital to provide a beach resort ambience for this city that is so far from the sea. Every year since 2002 the Paris city authorities have organised this joyous event that is so much loved by those who enjoy spending some relaxing quality time on the banks of the Seine.

Paris Plages, parisian oasis

It’s such fun to stroll on to a stretch of sand, plant your beach umbrella and chill out right there in the heart of the capital. If you prefer to expend a little energy, there are sports activities available, including beach volleyball and rugby, as well as dance and Tai Chi classes, and even free music concerts to enjoy in the evenings. Fun, games and educational workshops are provided to keep the kids busy and happy while their parents succumb to the lure of sunbeds, the shade of palm trees, the cooling effect of mist sprays and the temptation of ice cream kiosks. As traffic is diverted away from the urban beaches, Paris Plages offers a summer-bright opportunity to enjoy peace and quiet on the banks of the Seine, or maybe a romantic stroll.

Outdoor cinema; movie screenings throughout Paris

Extending a warm welcome to all visitors and tourists who enjoy the many pleasures of the capital in the summer, the Hotel Paris France offers you the chance to relax in comfort. One Parisian summer tradition that we thoroughly recommend is the Cinema au Clair de Lune festival, now in its 15th consecutive year. Yes, you can enjoy movies by moonlight throughout Paris on these mild summer evenings! Cinephiles should not miss this great opportunity to enjoy classic or contemporary movies screened in the open air on giant cinema screens set up in public parks and other charming locations. It’s a great combination; enjoying the magic of the 7th art while revelling in the scent of the Parisian flora. With different programmes in various quarters of the city, from the Place des Vosges and the Place des Fêtes to the Parc Montsouris and the hill of Montmartre, you’ll have a wide range of options from which to choose. There’s nothing quite like the magic of the silver screen in the silvery glow of the moon! Additionally, this outdoor festival gives you the chance to explore the diversity of Paris, with walks and rides for adults and children alike.


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Picture - River Basin La Villette - copyright holder: Tourist Office Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand