When you stay at the Paris France Hotel, you will be amidst the streets of the Marais, where the most prominent concept stores and art galleries can be found. Here are a few that help to give this district its distinctive identity.


At the forefront of creativity

In a few decades, Emmanuel Perrotin has established himself as the benchmark for contemporary art in Paris. His gallery, located in a charming hôtel particulier, presents the works of various big names of the current scene, including Tatiana Trouvou and the Austrian collective Gelitin. In the same spirit, the Galerie Daniel Templon has been a reference for modern and contemporary art for some fifty years. There, you will find creations by Vasarely, Franck Stella and Claude Viallat, as well as the work of current artists such as Philippe Cognée. Finally, if you are passionate about photography, visit the Polka Galerie, where “each photo tells a story”, as the two gallery owners, Adélie de Ipanema and Edouard Genestar, like to remind us.


Installations, creations and dazzling creativity

The Marais also hosts many places that are at the forefront of contemporary creation. L’Art Concept offers very eclectic installations, sometimes sober and intimate, sometimes playful, colourful or conceptual. Finally, don't miss the Gaîté Lyrique, the cultural centre of the 3rd arrondissement. Focused on post-internet and post-digital culture, the place hosts installations that are designed to be truly immersive experiences. The last two, Shiny Gold by Nelly Ben Hayoun, and Carte Blanche by Sabrina Ratté, were particularly striking.


A few steps from the Paris France Hotel, you’ll find a whole host of art galleries. Whether you are looking to admire works by well-known artists, keep up to date with the art market or prefer amazing immersive experiences, the Marais will have what you are looking for!


Emmanuel Perrotin
Daniel Templon​
Polka Galerie​
Gaîté Lyrique​

Photo: Photographee.eu

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