In the heart of Paris, just steps away from the Hotel Paris France, a museum dedicated to one of France's gastronomic symbols will open on June 3: the Cheese Museum. In this sanctuary of indulgence, visitors are invited to dive into the fascinating and delicious world of cheese, an inseparable pillar of French culinary culture.


Cheese and Craftsmanship: A Unique Experience at the Cheese Museum

From the moment you enter, your senses are awakened: the intoxicating smell of aged cheeses tickles your nose, while the varied colors and textures catch your eye. The museum offers an immersive journey into the history and production of cheese, highlighting the ancestral know-how that has shaped this gastronomic treasure. Interactive exhibits guide visitors through the different stages of production, from milk collection to cave aging. But the highlight is the guided tastings, where visitors can savor a carefully selected range of cheeses paired with matching wines.


Discover the Best Cheese Shops in the Neighborhood

If you wish to continue this culinary adventure, don't miss the cheese shops near the Hotel Paris France. Discover the Fromagerie Jouannault, an essential address offering an exquisite selection of local and seasonal cheeses in a traditional family setting. Also, visit the famous cheese shop "Paroles de Fromagers - La Ferme du Faubourg" just a few steps from our hotel. Explore its bar and boutique, offering an artisanal selection of cheeses. Enjoy tastings with matching wines and participate in cheese-making workshops for an enriching experience.

For a memorable culinary experience in Paris, the Hotel Paris France offers an ideal location near must-visit addresses, including the brand new Cheese Museum. Dive into the fascinating world of cheese, explore the best cheese shops in the neighborhood, and be captivated by the gastronomic richness of the City of Light.


More information : The Cheese Museum

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