Little known, they nevertheless prove fascinating! The covered passages were mostly built during the major reconfiguration of Paris undertaken by Baron Haussmann in the 19th century. Some, however, are even older. During your stay at the Paris France Hotel, why not take some time out to explore these picturesque, sheltered shopping arcades?


All the secrets of the covered passages

Distributed mainly between the 2nd and 9th arrondissements, the covered passages were used as a way to cut across urban blocks while avoiding traffic and sheltering from bad weather. Protected and pedestrianised, they quickly welcomed shops and cafes. Some still retain their magnificent wooden fronts. True architectural treasures, they have mosaic floors, marble pillars, sculptures, sumptuous decor and impressive glass roofs to let in plenty of daylight. Visit them for a relaxing shopping expedition or take a thematic guided tour that allows you to discover all their secrets and history.


Very close to the Paris France Hotel

You don’t need to go far from the Paris France Hôtel to find some beautiful examples of covered passages. A five-minute walk from the hotel, the Passage Vendôme welcomes you on the site of the ancient walls of Charles V. Quiet and recently restored, dating from 1827, it will give you a striking first impression of the covered passages. Elsewhere, elegant and bathed in light, topped with an impressive rotunda and cupola and decorated with colourful mosaics, the Galerie Vivienne offers a wide variety of luxury ready-to-wear brand outlets. Not far away is the Passage des Panoramas, a favoured hub for Parisian philatelists, while the Passage du Grand Cerf hosts the ateliers of artisans, designers and other creators.


Whether visited as historic monuments of for a shopping spree, the covered passages are one of the hidden charms of Paris. Explore them during your Parisian break at the Paris France Hôtel.


The list of all covered passages in Paris here

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