Rising 324 metres into the Parisian sky, the proud Eiffel Tower dominates the capital. The city’s unique and beautiful symbol and landmark is one of the world’s most visited attractions. Read on as the Hotel Paris France clues you in on the history of this emblematic monument!


A creation not intended to last

Mankind has always reached for the sky. The Eiffel Tower was born of the dream that inspires civilizations to build ever higher. The development of metal construction methods in the industrial age revolutionised architecture and allowed our fantasies of grandeur to become reality.

A major competition was organised to design a suitable centrepiece for the 1889 Exposition Universelle (World’s Fair), a 300-metre high tower to be erected on the Champ de Mars. Of the 107 project proposals received, that of the French civil engineer, Gustave Eiffel was selected. It was intended to be a temporary structure that would be dismantled after twenty years, so who at the time could have envisaged that the ‘Iron Lady’ would still be welcoming more than 7 million visitors a year over a century later?


Three floors and 1710 steps ...

Despite the protests of the project’s critics, who claimed that the Tower would compromise the aesthetics of the city, work on the foundations began in 1887. It took two years to complete the three levels of the wrought-iron lattice tower, but it was ready in time for the exhibition. 
The first floor was completed on April 1st, 1888, the second on August 14th of the same year and the summit was attained in March 1889. To mark the occasion, Gustave Eiffel climbed the 1710 steps of his masterpiece to plant the French Tricolour at the top. A historic and memorable moment!



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