The Hotel Paris France, with its renovated, modern and comfortable rooms offers the ideal setting for a family stay in this loveliest of cities. Our hotel and staff provide the warmest of welcomes for families, giving you the opportunity to enjoy an unforgettable holiday or short break with your children. Moreover, there’s an event coming up that will provide a world of entertainment for kids and parents alike. It’s called Kidexpo and it’s a child-centred trade show bursting with fun, ideas and entertainment. What’s more, the Hotel Paris France is located conveniently close to this event’s venue, the Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. So immerse yourselves from October 17th to 21st in a huge show featuring the very latest toys and games, creative hobbies, educational concepts, sports and leisure, along with a special section for parents.

Kidexpo for children

For five days, this extensive and diverse trade fair celebrates the world of children. There’s demonstrations, interactive activities, workshops, new product launches and the chance to try out a whole load of cool new toys. The programme is designed to show children how to make the most of their time, and there’s plenty of tips and recommendations for mum and dad, too! Kidexpo revolves around eight main themes:

• At table
A great opportunity for children to learn about food, focussing especially on what’s good for them. They’ll also be invited to participate in cooking workshops where learning is fun and, who knows, you may just find yourself with a budding young master chef on your hands! Naturally, there will also be tastings, allowing the kids to broaden their gastronomic horizons.

• Culture and education
Music, art, religion, business, the natural world and history are the main areas covered in this section of the fair. But your kids will also be thrilled to discover that there’ll be dinosaurs, too! It all helps to show them how much fun learning about their world can be.

• Move!
Sport is useful for all, and especially children. Therefore, Kidexpo offers a wide range of sporting activities and entertaining workshops, including horse riding, swimming, athletics, go-karts, scooters and shooting. All these experiences will give you an idea of the sport best suited to your children.

• Holidays and recreation
The discovery of fascinating locations such as castles and museums, the benefits of water for therapeutic purposes, family friendly holidays plus a mini-disco with face painting. Everything you need is here, from recreation tips to advice regarding the best vacations and family outings, whatever your budget.

• Creative Hobbies
The workshops organised around this theme allow your kids to unleash their creativity, with activities ranging from assembly games to customising belongings and building and decorating a cardboard house.

• Christmas Preview
Here’s where your children can find out, in advance, all about the hottest new toys and games, so that you can get some idea of what will make them explode with joy come Christmas morning. Fabulous fun in the heart of what has all the appearance of a spectacular games room.

Kidexpo for parents

Parent’s Corner explores one of the key themes addressed by Kidexpo, placing successful parenting in the spotlight. There’s ideas and advice for everyday family life, covering such subjects as tutoring, childcare, language courses, art therapy and ways of keeping your family and professional life in balance. Plus, you can find out how to keep your precious memories of your children as they grow, by way of the Kidolia app.

With all the entertainment provided by Kidexpo, your only problem during your stay at the Hotel Paris France in October will be how to fit it all in!


Family tradeshow Kidexpo, rom Saturday 17th to Wednesday 21th october 2015
Paris exhibitions halls at Porte de Versailles - Pavilions 6 & 8
Opening every day from 10h to 18h
Entry forbidden for minors unaccompanied by an adult.
Metro: line 12, station Porte de Versailles
Streetcar: lines T2 et T3a, station Porte de Versailles
Bus: lines 39 ou 80, station Porte de Versailles
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