As spring brings the welcome gifts of sunnier days and warmer evenings to the city, Paris responds by stepping up the number of family friendly and festive events to attract ever more visitors. If you’re preparing to come to the City of Light in the coming weeks, in addition to the attractions you have set your heart on experiencing, there are activities that you may not know about, but which you should not miss. This is certainly true of the Foire du Trône, a real Parisian institution with its roots in the distant past.

Paris: A city of non-stop effervescence

In developing your schedule of activities for your visit to Paris, you're spoiled for choice as the French capital abounds in attractions, cultural wealth and major events. First, however, you need to choose where you want to stay. If you’re looking for high quality service, a convivial welcome, a central location, an idyllic ambience and refined decor, then the Hotel Paris France is most definitely for you. Within easy reach of the Louvre, the Opera Garnier and the lively Marais district, the Hotel Paris France is the home from home in Paris that you have always dreamed of. While you enjoy our hospitality, you will naturally wish to visit the world famous monuments and museums you’ve heard so much about, but we also suggest that you spend some time at the Foire du Trône. This huge funfair has a history going back more than a thousand years and offers fun, excitement, warmth, a good-natured spirit and a flood of entertainment for your enjoyment. Discovering Paris would be far from complete if you neglected to experience one of the great annual events that the city offers; the Foire du Trône.

The Foire du Trône: popularity, charm and non-stop fun

The Foire du Trône will be held this year from March 25th to May 22nd. In addition to being one of the largest and most popular funfairs in the world, the Foire du Trône has an enchanting ambience and is so much fun for young and old alike. With over 350 attractions, including about 80 rides, spread over some 10 hectares of the Pelouse de Reuilly, there’s more than enough fun and excitement to keep everyone happy. Whether you’re here as a couple or with your family, this is a unique opportunity to share unforgettable moments, enjoy pulse-quickening rides, gentler rides for the young ones, countless stalls where you can eat and drink, and various sideshows, games and tests of skill. The bravest will certainly want to try the astonishing new rides, Starlight and Spin Ball. So there you have it; all good reasons why you should place the Foire du Trône on your itinerary if you’re in the city this spring.


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