The Paris France Hotel team will show you an amazing place where you can have fun with family or friends and it’s less than a fifteen-minute walk from your hotel! It’s the Museum of Illusion. Confusing and intriguing, informative and mind-blowing, this unique museum invites you to question what you see and what you know, all in a spirit of fun!


Optical illusions in all their various forms

The purpose of the Museum of Illusion is to help you discover, explore and understand all the various wonderful facets of optical illusions and how these can produce unexpected reactions in our senses and our brains. Throughout the tour, you will experience situations and images that will push you to question what you think you see. It’s all accompanied by rational, scientific explanations so you can understand exactly how your perceptions and mind are being deceived. Using mirrors, optical effects, holograms and tricks of perspective, the museum offers an experience that is educational, thoroughly immersive and, above all, hugely enjoyable.


Unparalleled experiences

On your mind-boggling journey around the museum, you’ll discover rooms, images and installations that create astonishing, funny and unexpected effects. You can step right inside the disorienting and illusive world of the Vortex Tunnel that will make you doubt your ability to put one foot in front of the other! Enter the gallery of holograms where images disappear and reappear. Try to get a mental grasp on objects that seem to be able to do things your brain thinks impossible ... You’ll even doubt the laws of physics in the Anti-Gravity Room! And finally, don't forget the Smart Playroom, where puzzles and games for all ages will mess with your mind.
A few steps from your Hotel Paris France, the Museum of Illusion offers a new way of approaching the mysteries of science in a playful, aesthetic and entertaining way.



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