Of all the famous Carnivals around the world, the once that takes place in Paris is up with the best. This popular Parisian festival that used to be called the Feast of Fools has grown in popularity since its relaunch in the 90s. Its incredible success is in part due to its joyously colourful parades and its Promenade du Bœuf Gras (Procession of the Fatted Ox), echoing the event’s history. All ages are invited to the parade, which this year is on the theme of ‘a fabulous aerial world’. The Paris Carnival parade departs around 13:00 from the Place Gambetta in the 20th arrondissement!


The Carnival is the ideal way to have fun and celebrate the end of winter

Do you like to dress up and have fun? Then, don’t miss the traditional Grand Carnival of Paris, which will parade through the streets of the capital on Sunday February 23rd, 2020, the Sunday before Mardi-Gras. A multitude of fabulous floats and colourfully costumed participants will be based around the 2020 theme of ‘a fabulous aerial world’. This is not a street performance but a real carnival; a festive, costumed, multihued, inclusive, musical and entirely free event. Anyone can participate on all or part of the route and there’s no registration required.


Keeping tradition alive, from Gambetta to République

The Paris Carnival is also the occasion on which an ancient popular tradition of the 16th century is revived. The Promenade du Boeuf Gras is a second procession led by Pimprenelle, a magnificent Limousin cow in a beautiful red dress. As the Carnival mascot, Pimprenelle will lead the parade along the planned route through Paris.

Come share this afternoon full of joy, conviviality and good humour! Be there at 13:00 on February 23rd at the Place Gambetta in the 20th arrondissement for the start of the parade, unless you plan on joining it along the way.



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