The Tolkien exhibition at the BNF (Bibliothèque Nationale de France) invites you to take a ‘Journey to Middle-earth’ for a major retrospective of the author of The Lord of the Rings that allows you to delve deeply into the fantasy world born from his imagination. Don’t miss this epic adventure during your stay at the Paris France Hotel.


Tolkien, a major literary figure of the twentieth century

A professor at Oxford University and a brilliant writer and philologist, J.R.R Tolkien made a considerable impact on 20th century literature with his fantasy novels that explore the world of Middle-earth. The BNF highlights both the man and his work through some 300 fascinating artefacts. More than 1000 m2 of exhibition space is dedicated to the astonishing imagination of the author and his tales of a remote and magical past that have enchanted generations of readers.


Welcome to Tolkien's world of imagination

The exhibition Tolkien: A Journey to Middle-earth takes you through the phantasmagorical geography of a world that was vividly brought to life by an author considered to be one of the pioneers of modern fantasy fiction.

The first part of the exhibition takes you from The Shire, land of the Hobbits and home to Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, to the gloomy volcanic plain of Mordor. The essence of this trip is comprised of many carefully handcrafted manuscripts, maps, watercolours and original Tolkien drawings.

The second part reveals more about the man behind the work. In addition to being a remarkable writer, Tolkien was also an academic, an extraordinarily accomplished linguist and a highly talented artist.

These many pieces that highlight both the man and his work, mainly on loan from the University of Oxford’s Bodleian Library, will help you to better understand how Tolkien imagined the complex world of Middle-earth. An exciting exhibition awaiting your discovery until February 16th, 2020.



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