Where to go out in Paris now that the summer is here, bringing dreamy days and restless nights? Well, rest assured that throughout the balmy months the capital still offers plenty to do. If you are a film fan, and nearly everyone is, the Paris Cinema Festival, with its wealth of Seventh Art riches, will be a dream come true for you. Or perhaps you would prefer to embrace the culture of dance, in which case there is a Summer of Dance awaiting you. Let the Hotel Paris France be your guide to the joys of the season.

The Paris Cinema Festival, a Massive Movie Buff Event

Since Antoine Lumiere demonstrated his cinematograph in Paris in 1895, the French have enjoyed a love affair with the art form of cinema. The French New Wave produced some of the greatest movies of all time and the country’s film industry is one of the most vibrant in the world. Today, Paris has the highest density of cinemas of any city in the world as reckoned by theatre per inhabitant. So naturally the Paris Cinema Festival, launched by Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoe in 2003, is a major event.

From Saturday July 5th to Saturday July 12th this feast of the silver screen will feature 600 screenings, more than 450 feature films and 200 special guests. The price of admission? A mere 5 euros at cinemas all across the city, and in some places it’s free. There will be films suitable for all ages and tastes, thanks to a truly eclectic programme. Cine classics, unjustly neglected gems, cult items and even Hollywood blockbusters will be on offer.

There will be several premieres, many being attended by their directors and casts, who will make themselves available for questions afterwards. Open air cinema will also be a feature, as will sidebar programmes, exhibitions and competitions.

Les Etés de la Danse Festival in Paris 2014, a Summer Joy

Each summer since 2005 has seen the staging of Les Etés de la Danse Festival (Summer of Dance), a series of performances and other events aimed at increasing the visibility of dance in mass culture. Each year an exceptional dance company from somewhere in the world is asked to present a run of performances. This year sees the return of the highly regarded San Francisco Ballet, who were the first to be asked in the festival’s inaugural year. The eighteen unique ballet performances will take place in the delightful surroundings of the Haussmann era Théâtre du Châtelet from July 10th to 26th.


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Picture 'outdoor cinema' copyright holder : Tourist office Paris - Photographer Marc Bertrand